Saturday, June 17, 2017

No Place To Land (1958) Mari Blanchard

DANGER ZONE...between earth and sky!

No Place To Land - Full Movie

A crop duster pilot finds himself caught between two women--one who loves him and the other, who doesn't handle rejection well, and who's out to destroy him.


 Albert C. Gannaway


 Vance Skarstedt


 John IrelandMari BlanchardGail Russell, Jackie Coogan

This low budget 'B' movie holds your attention. The seductive Mari Blanchard makes this film. This movie really is bad, but it's so bad that it makes you want to watch it. This was Gail Russell's next to last film before she died tragically from alcohol abuse. In 1958, Republic Studios announced that it was closing up shop after more than two decades. "No Place to Land" was among the final films released by Republic.
This film is not a masterpiece, but has a fine cast and an interesting ending. I give this film ★★★

Mari Blanchard

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