Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Girl Gang (1954) Joanne Arnold


 Robert C. Dertano (as Robert C. Derteno)


 Joanne ArnoldTimothy FarrellHarry Keaton

In the beginning, we see these two chicks hitchhike and this sap picks them up, well naturally, what red blooded American male wouldn't! But its a trap, and along with two more chicks, that makes 4 chicks, they slug the sap with the butt of a gun and take his car, leaving the sap knocked out in the road. These nice girls proceed back to the hideout and smoke some weed. This is one hell of a movie that has some gorgeous girls, including my favorite, Joanne Arnold, who was a real Playboy Playmate, Ms May 1954, same year as this flick. Joanne plays Jane, who seems to be the only one of the gang with a job. Mr. Brown her boss is another sap that pays June for sex, lets just call it a loan. June is such a lovely girl and shes good with a gun too. Timothy Farrell as Joe is the Anti-frantic leader of the gang. Farrell was an interesting character, he was actually busted in a vice raid while making a movie. I like this movie because the kids have such a good time blowing weed, doing the mainline and getting it on in general, check out that dude on the stride piano, he is smoking, in more ways than one. Girl Gang is one of the best of the exploitation films. Dig it!  ★★★ 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Swamp Women (1956) Marie Windsor


 Roger Corman


 David Stern (screenplay)


 Marie WindsorCarole MathewsBeverly Garland

A policewomen goes undercover in prison and gets in with three women that know where 200 grand in diamonds are hidden. They break out and head for the swamp, and take two hostages. This was supposed to be one of the 50 worst movies of all time, but I found it entertaining and it went fast. When I first saw Beverly Garland in the film I thought she would be the policewoman, as she had her own TV show "Decoy" where she played an undercover cop, here shes a bad girl that's good with a gun. Marie Windsor was often cast in bad girl roles in her films and this is no exception as the gang leader that leads the girls to the diamonds. Carole Matthews as Police Lt. Lee Hampton did a believable job in her role, not taking any crap from the other girls. Mike Conners played the hostage, and he loved every minute of it. He was billed as "Touch" Conners a nickname he acquired on the basketball court at UCLA. If you like a move with gorgeous women cat fighting their way through a swamp you'll love Swamp Women.★★★

Marie Windsor

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Devil and the Deep (1932) Tallulah Bankhead


 Marion Gering


 Harry Hervey (story), Benn W. Levy (screenplay)


 Tallulah BankheadGary CooperCharles Laughton

This is the story of a woman who is made miserable by a jealous husband. The wife, Tallulah Bankhead, is distraught and only wants her husband to trust her. The husband, Charles Laughton, is incapable of trust because he is mentally unbalanced. Excellent pre-code film with a great cast. ★★★

Tallulah Bankhead & Gary Cooper

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This Is Not a Test (1962) Seamon Glass


 Fredric Gadette


 Peter Abenheim (screenplay), Betty Laskey (screenplay) 


 Seamon GlassThayer RobertsAubrey Martin

It's the end of the world and a cop with an attitude blocks traffic to try and save their lives, in fact if they refuse his orders, he'll kill them. Martial law has been declared, there are riots in the city, and the end is near. This Is Not A Test is an emotional thriller filmed in the days of the cold war. When this film was made I was in school being taught to  duck under my desk, thenceforth the thought of nuclear annihilation has never left my mind. This is really a well made low budget film that is realistic in its depiction of how people would react in such a situation. The only person with any sense was the old man who wanted to go to the top of the mountain and watch the fireworks. ★★★

Seamon Glass